Premier Hearing

Premier Hearing Website before and after being redesigned.

Premier Hearing is one of the many offices under the Audiology Management Group. They signed in July 2014 and had very specific needs—needs we were excited to exceed! We are in the process of creating multiple websites for the Audiology Management Group, and Premier Hearing was the first we completed.

It was important that this site, along with the others, would help create a cohesive brand across multiple regions. The site had to be easy to navigate and provide key information to consumer clients. And the information had to be presented in a certain way. Company management wanted to give consumers a “non-invasive” way to learn more about hearing loss and to decide whether they should get help. Basically, they didn’t want to scare away consumers by beating them over the head with aggressive calls to action.

To help do this, we designed a clean site with various conversion buttons and options for their clients.

Site Features

Online Hearing Test

What we did: We worked closely with their “app” design company to integrate their online hearing test onto our site. The button is displayed on the right side of nearly every page of the site, so it’s hard to miss!

Why does it work? Losing one’s hearing can be embarrassing or fearful for many people, so allowing consumers to test their hearing from the privacy and comfort of their homes is a big deal. Our job was to ensure that potential consumers could easily find the test, and having the button for the test on each page did the trick!

Map With a Zip Code Locator

What we did: There are 16 Premier Hearing locations, so we needed to provide the consumer with a simple way to find the nearest office. The site has a clickable map along with a zip code locator.

Why does it work? Potential consumers love that they can find this information on the site. Usually, it’s only available with a Google search, but with our design, they’re able to access both the map and the locator straight from the site.

Printable Coupons

What we did: We made a button and a corresponding web page that contains printable or downloadable coupons.

Why does it work? For the most obvious reason of all: People love coupons! We designed a custom page with custom coupons that have the look that people expect from a coupon. These coupons are one of the most popular features on the site.

With all of the easy-to-use, intuitive features on the site, the good people of Premier Hearing Center have had so many new contacts that they’ve been blown away! They’re so excited that they can’t wait to see how well all of their other sites do. Neither can we!

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