Content Drives the Success of All Your Online Marketing Efforts

Image of different content types and how they can be used in a content marketing strategy

Approach Content Marketing the Right Way

Content marketing should be a big part of your long-term strategic marketing plan. Not only does it provide ongoing SEO benefits by organically attracting new traffic and driving conversions, but it supports the backbone of your online marketing—the website UX and architecture, backlinks, social engagement, SEO, and PPC/advertising. 

So if you aren’t writing content on a regular basis, or you are writing content without taking the time to really outline a strategy, you are wasting money and losing clients!

Developing and executing a top-notch content strategy takes a lot of energy and planning—and it's not easy to manage when you have a business to run. But make no mistake, original, well-written, and informative content is the key to successful online marketing; everything you do to market your business comes back to your content!

Focusing on Your Structure

Content must be structured correctly for search engines, be written in a compelling way that encourages potential clients to continue reading, and provide the right information at the right time. Our team of expert content writers and strategists help many of our clients take their content and marketing to the next level. Jim Dodson, one of our many satisfied clients, says it best:

I can tell you that if you want a hands-on experience, guidance, and you want to know how your site is producing and how to make it better, this is the place to be. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Foster to anyone who's considering a website.”

– Jim Dodson, Jim Dodson Law

Our team will plan, research, and write well-optimized, engaging content to attract the type of clients you have identified. And to ensure that we are speaking in your voice, you will have the opportunity to review the content and provide feedback before it is added to your website.

We Offer Content Packages for Every Budget and Level of Need

Content Edits 


Do you already have content that needs to be professionally edited? We can provide light edits to correct grammatical errors, typos, and punctuation. And for pieces that need a little more help, we can do a complete edit to improve formatting, sentence structure, and flow—we can even rewrite content if necessary. We will also add images and optimization as needed.

Blog Posts, FAQs & News Items


Regularly adding content to your website will get you noticed by search engines and readers, but thin, boring content will get you noticed for the wrong reasons. 

Blog posts, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and news items will help you stay current and relevant and will give your brand personality. Our team will create share-worthy content items to make your business stand out.

Library Articles & Case Results


Every website needs evergreen content—content that is always relevant to potential clients and sustains its “SEO juice” over time. Library articles and case results are two important types of evergreen content that our writing team can create for your website.

Library articles explain important topics in depth and answer your reader’s most pressing questions. They are typically more in-depth than blog posts and help your clients understand basic, critical information. Once we have identified the best topics for your website, our writing team will create well-researched, informative articles that will help to convert potential clients into actual clients.

Case results share the story of real-life problems your clients faced and how you solved those problems. They serve as a vehicle to highlight your expertise and create an emotional connection with your audience. Once we have identified some of your most notable cases, a member of our writing team will interview you to learn all of the interesting details and weave them into stories that will engage your readers.

Overview & Bio Pages


Overview pages are high-level summaries that introduce your audience to the different areas of your website. For example, the practice area overview page provides basic information about your practice areas and encourages readers to delve deeper into the specific services you offer.

Your biographical pages should help potential clients understand who you are and what you do. They provide an opportunity to showcase your background, experience, competence, and interests, and they can help humanize your team and establish connections with potential clients even before you speak to them.

Bios are arguably some of the most important pieces on your website because they drive your potential clients’ first impressions of you and your team. We’ll interview each of you to create your bio pages, ensuring your firm stands out from the crowd.

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